Write your own Alexa skills without knowing a line of code. Learn about the amazing new Alexa Blueprints on the next Daily Fibre

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Due to time constraints, I can’t always post what’s coming up on the show, but you can hear it, regular as clockwork every week day.

I did want to let you know about a special edition of the show coming up on Friday, because I’m super excited about showing off something cool and new. I’m going to provide a thorough demonstration of a feature from Amazon called Alexa Blueprints.

Amazon Echo is one of the most innovative products around at the moment, and Alexa Blueprints allows you to make your own skills for personal use, even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life.

It’s really cool, fun and simple to use, and I’ll show you how it works on the next edition of The Daily Fibre.

There’s much more as well, so I hope you’ll join me, only on Mushroom FM. To check when the show is on in your time zone, visit Mushroom FM’s schedule page.