It's a liberated, invigorated, Mosen Explosion

I did it! I finally souping well did it! After weeks, well, really, years of reading about Facebook’s outrageous behaviour, I finally took the plunge and deleted my account.

It feels utterly epic, and I’m celebrating on this week’s Mosen Explosion with songs about freedom, liberation and taking a stand. Your requests are of course very welcome.

It’s Julian Lennon’s 55th birthday today, so we’ll play a couple of groovy tracks from him.

Bonnie’s here with her bulletin, and of course there’s always plenty of room for your interaction via your tweets, emails and calls.

I hope you’ll join me right after Darren, at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, bright and early at 6 AM in New Zealand for The Mosen Explosion, only on the incredible, edible Mushroom FM.