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On Thursday's edition, how did Apple get Siri so badly wrong? After a huge head start in the voice assistant space, Apple has squandered its lead to the extent that many consider it is way behind its competitors. A new, in-depth article talks with former Apple employees who explain why it all went so badly.

There's a new version of Overcast available. We explain why this is such an impressive app, and look at some of the new features.

In social media news, Twitter is testing curated tweets for news, while Facebook is clamping down on hate speech with a ban on a far-right political party in the UK.

A listener suggests a cool new Alexa skill that fans of the music we play on Mushroom Fm may enjoy.

More Americans will soon have a new way to do grocery shopping online.

There are some really nasty ads on the web that are trying to hijack your system and more. Google discusses how it's trying to nip them in the bud.

All this and much more in the next edition of The Daily Fibre, only on Mushroom FM.