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Could Alexa be getting a new voice, at least in the USA? A teaser ad ahead of the Super bowl suggests Alexa might be due for a major makeover. We play the ad, and discuss what might be coming. There’s also more info about HomePod, which may not be selling as well as Apple had anticipated.

If you have a Lenovo computer with a fingerprint reader and not running Windows 10, it may be at risk. We tell you what you need to know and how to patch it.

Could the US Government build a 5G network to protect Americans against foreign hacking? Should it?

Facebook is becoming more transparent than ever about your privacy and what it knows about you, with even more positive changes coming.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, have you looked at DuckDuckGo? They have a new app and browser extension.

A listener has a suggestion for a password manager that is free and accessible everywhere.

And we revisit the question of net neutrality, why it’s so critical that we march in the streets for it if necessary.

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