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On Mushroom FM’s technology magazine show, The Daily Fibre, more on Spectre and meltdown. If your computer is rebooting spontaneously after you applied the patch, Microsoft can help you revert.

A new report claims that up to 15% of Twitter users are bots, many of which are spreading mischief. We learn how easy it is to purchase fake followers, and about vociferous bot retweeting of Donald Trumps tweets just ahead of the election.

A listener is looking for your thoughts on password management solutions that work well across Windows and iOS. Do get in touch with your thoughts.

Have you ever thought how creepy it is that you see ads on websites for products you just about bought? You’re getting more control over stopping that.

New York and Montana adopt net neutrality at the state level, as opposition to the FCC’s decision to axe net neutrality provisions continues to gain momentum.

Why does it seem sometimes like an app coming to Google Play is an afterthought, long after that same app has reached iOS?

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