at 3 AM Eastern, 9 PM New Zealand time New Year's eve, Jonathan and Crew are here with the traditional new year show

There's nothing like keeping up the traditions at this time of year. Join Jonathan, Bonnie, the bananas, the nearly banana-in-law and others, as we explode into 2018. New Zealand gets to the new year a full 18 hours before Eastern US time, a massive 21 hours before US Pacific time, and a still impressive 13 hours before the UK and Ireland. So, no matter what the time, why not do what so many people do at this time each year. Set an alarm if needed, crank up your best speakers and join us for one of the first broadcasts ever to be made in 2018 anywhere.

We've got great party music, we'll look back and ahead, and there's plenty of fun to be had. It all begins on new year's eve at 9 PM in New Zealand, that's 3 AM Eastern, 8 AM in the UK. We broadcast for the last three hours of 2017 in New Zealand, then we ring in the new year and beta test 2018 for everyone else. If we find serious bugs, well then, I guess you can stay in 2017 indefinitely.

Note that because of this special show, some other programming on Sunday airs at different times. Please check our schedule on the Mushroom Fm website, so you don't miss your favourite show.

And see you as we explode into 2018, only on Mushroom FM.