Our holiday countdown and Christmas party is tomorrow. Here's all you need to know, including how to check who you're seated with

How cool that it’s that time of year again! We’re excited! Mushroom FM's 2017 holiday countdown and Christmas party is tomorrow! Starting at 9 AM US Eastern time, 2 PM UK, we'll be counting down the top 100 holiday songs as chosen by you

While we all enjoy the festive tunes, our virtual online Christmas party puts those who have voted in the countdown at Christmas tables, named after the first four reindeer in 'Twas the night before Christmas.

Anyone can play a top 100 countdown, but what makes ours so special and popular is the social element that goes along with it. We've now published a seating chart showing you the tables to which all who have voted have been assigned. Why not take a look at the seating assignments, and see who you're sitting with. We have published the Twitter names of those who supplied them when they voted, so if you want to, you can get in touch with your table mates using the Mushroom FM hashtag.

Head on over now to take a look at our seating chart at http://MushroomFM.com/SeatingPlan. During the party, you can also visit that page to look at the scoreboard, so you can see in real time how well each table is doing. Let the Twitter banter begin.

Remember, the more lively you are during the event, the more Christmas crackers you can earn for your table.

Tomorrow, we’ll answer so many burning questions. Which table will win bragging rights as the top table of this year’s party? Will Dominic the Donkey hee haw his way to the top spot for the third consecutive year? And if not, what will take pride of place instead?

We’re going to have such a cool yule, so do join us for our annual holiday countdown. We love doing this and we know so many of our listeners do too.