This week on the Mosen Explosion, let the voting begin!

We have an utterly packed, news-filled, music-laden Mosen Explosion for you this week and I can’t wait.

Most important, I’ll be unlocking the accessible virtual voting booth for Mushroom FM’s much-loved top 100 holiday countdown. I’ll explain how you can have your say. Will you be the first person to cast a vote in this year’s event. If you’re on the ball, and tuned in, it just might be you.

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. It has been an extremely eventful week at Mosen Towers, and Bonnie and I both have a lot of news to share. We’ve just made a purchase that I am incredibly excited about, and it may even be delivered during the show. I haven’t been this excited about a major purchase for a long time.

Today in history will be sprinkled throughout the show, there’ll be room for your audio and text contributions via the phone, email and Twitter, and of course I’ve got plenty of music with a holiday flavour, because it’s December now so no one can whine.

I’m looking forward to a special show and to getting the voting started for another year. Do join me, it’ll be fun and even more fun if you’re there.

I’m right after Darren and before Steve, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, only on Mushroom FM.