Join us in conversation with technology podcaster and gadget master, David Woodbridge on A Cuppa at the Mosens

A Cuppa At The Mosens is Mushroom FM’s live global blindness call-in show, heard live on Thursday evenings at 7 PM US Eastern time.

This week, join Bonnie and Jonathan as we speak with David Woodbridge. Chances are you’re familiar with David’s voice, as he’s a prolific technology podcaster. We’ll talk with David about his work for Vision Australia and learn about his background. We’ll reminisce about the technology we all once used that has now long gone, and talk about some of the gadgets that have stood out for us in 2017 as we near the year’s end.

You’re welcome to call in with your own questions, memories and top gadget recommendations. We use the Zoom Cloud Meeting software. Details about how to participate via Zoom or the phone can be found on the show’s web page,

An abridged version of this two-hour show will also be made available on next week’s episode of The Blind Side Podcast, which you can search for and subscribe to in any good podcast app.

We look forward to you tuning in live and to getting your calls on A Cuppa at the Mosens, this Thursday at 7 PM US Eastern time, that’s Friday at 11 AM Eastern Australia time, 1 PM in New Zealand, exclusive to Mushroom FM which you can find in all good radio apps, smart speakers and devices.