Hot Chocolate, a cool toy, and the Cold Hard facts on The Mosen Explosion

I’m already looking forward to my favourite time of the week, when I get to spend four hours with you, chatting about who knows what, and playing the best jolly music ever gosh darn made. Hot freaking dang and flaming heck. The Mosen Explosion is on again.

The weather’s been warming up a bit here in the Zealand of New, nevertheless, I’m offering you a little hot chocolate, just in case you are not located in the Zealand of new. It’s Tony Wilson’s birthday on 8 October, who was with the group Hot Chocolate. They had a few groovy tunes in the decade or so they were together, and we’ll give some of them a spin, alongside many other great songs by others.

Bonnie and I are doing a bit of travelling later this week, as we head over to the Blind Citizens Australia convention where I’m speaking. Struth cobba, maybe I’ll get to waltz with Matilda! This has prompted me, not the prospect of waltzing with Matilda, but the travel, to get a cool new toy. I’ve invested in a more portable microphone than the Blue Yeti I’ve been travelling with over the last few years, because it does take up quite a lot of room, and it’s not the best for just keeping with you and getting a quick on the spot recording. And I thought to myself, myself I thought, if I have a high-quality, more portable mic, I might be able to grab some groovy interviews for The Blind Side podcast. So I’ve bought a Blue Raspberry, cute little thing it is too. I’ll tell you all about it, and we’ll do a banana report with it, on the show. Listen in and see what you think of the sound.

I’ve got the cold hard facts about something we’re very excited about and have been working on for a while here on the ‘shroom. Our new schedule kicks in on Monday, with more fungal fun than ever, and our request system on steroids. Plus, I’ll tell you more about the documentary we’ve put together that launches it all at 8 AM on Monday. Ooh.

We’re hoping to have another edition of the wedding wound-up with Heidi, as preparations continue to gather pace for the big nuptials in January.

Bonnie will be here with her Bonnie bulletin, and we’ll look back at this day in history.

You might be thinking, dude! With all these features, there’s no time for contributions! Oh, but of course there is, we always make time for them, and especially for you. You can email by text or with an audio attachment, phone in, or send us a tweet, we love all that. It’s fun, friendly, and unpredictable. The Mosen Explosion at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM in the Kingdom of U, right here on Mushroom FM.