We're talking Apple gadgets on this week's A Cuppa at the Mosens

Once again, we're back with Mushroom FM's global talkshow, "a cuppa at the mosens" at 9 PM Eastern on Thursday.
This week, we're going to be previewing Apple's big announcements, which will be made at 10 AM Pacific time next Tuesday. Apple will be streaming the event live, and there will be extensive coverage of the event from a blindness perspective on the blindside podcast later that day. It promises to be one of the biggest Apple hardware events in some years. We are expecting three new iPhones, an Apple Watch which separates itself from the iPhone thanks to built in LTE, a new Apple TV, and who knows what else.
What are you hoping to see at next week's Apple event? Are you concerned about the rumoured disappearance of the home button in the premium iPhone model? Are you going to upgrade, or hold on to what you have? Let's geek out, and discuss Apple things on this week's show!
You're welcome to phone in or use the high-quality Zoom Cloud meeting software to get the best quality audio. To learn how you can participate in the show, visit the website for the show at http://www.mushroomfm.com/cuppa. See you for a fun tech discussion at 9 PM Eastern on Thursday night, only on Mushroom FM.