It's back! Join us for A Cuppa at the Mosens

Once again, we're back to talk to the world on another edition of a cuppa at the Mosens on mushroom FM.

Since it's been a few weeks since both of us have been with you, it's an open forum this week, although we have a couple of topics to throw into the mix to get you thinking.

It's hard to believe, but it was 20 years ago today that Princess Diana died. For those of us who were around to remember it, it is certainly one of those "where were you when" moments. What are your memories of the day that Princess Diana died, and how has her legacy endured 20 years on.

Living as we do in a country that is earthquake prone, we are well aware of the importance of disaster preparedness, and also how vulnerable blind people and others with disabilities can be at a time of disaster. We've been watching with dismay as tropical storm and hurricane Harvey have wreaked havoc over Texas and Louisiana, and we send our love and sympathy to everyone affected. It seems like a good time to talk about disaster preparedness. What steps do you take to prepare for a disaster? Are adequate systems in place to help you evacuate, and to give you adequate warning of a disaster? How do we strike a balance between ensuring that vulnerable people with disabilities are protected, versus undue intervention in their personal lives?

Feel free to give us a call and talk about this, or any other topic that's on your mind. To find out how to participate in the show, which is on at 9 PM Eastern time on Thursday evening, visit our shows web page at We look forward very much to being back with you at 9 PM Eastern for a cuppa at the mosens, only on mushroom FM.