Another Chairy Mosen Explosion

Every week, well, most weeks anyway, we bring you the Mosen Explosion on the marvellous, mighty Mushroom malarkey. Like the famous old song says, it’s what we do, each and every Sunday, on the ‘shroom at 2.

And every week, or at least, the weeks that the Mosen Explosion is on, which, let’s face it, is most weeks, I’m in the chair for the show. And for a very, very long time, it’s the same old chair. You know the old song, right? “It’s the same old chair, but with a different meaning now you’re not there”. Ah, what stories that chair could tell, in a highly chairy manner of course. But all things are temporary. One day, even the sun will die. And so it is that after many years of service, I have retired this famous chair and replaced it with a fancy new one.

And it is in this new, upgraded, improved, comfortable chair that I shall be bringing you the Mosen Explosion this week. You’ll be pleased to know that it still swivels. Wheeeeeeee! Wheeeeeee!

This week, I shall be imparting the traumatic, dramatic story of being locked out of a part of the house that one never wishes to be locked out of. Oh, mercy!

It’s been a while since Heidi has been on with a wedding wound-up, so she’ll be joining us this week.

Bonnie is here with her Bonnie Bulletin, we’ll be looking at this day in history, and of course there’s plenty of room for your chitchat, chatchit, requests and other stuff. Plus if all that ain’t enough, I’ve got some of the best music ever made lined up to play for you.

Do join me as I’m in the chair, albeit a shiny new one, which still swivels, wheeeeee, on Sunday at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, Monday at 6 AM in New Zealand, only, and only I say, on Mushroom FM.