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It's a Very Special Birthday This Week on Come By The Hills!

The Celtic Music show is back for another week, and as well as playing lots of great Celtic artists and groups from around the world, I'll be paying attention to Loreena McKennitt, who celebrated a birthday on Friday. We've got a "Celtic Cover" involving her as well as a set of her "almost-instrumental" tunes in "Fiddlin' Around," and we'll be sprinkling her music liberally throughout the show.

This Week, Come By The Hills Will Leave You Wanting More!

Well, of course it's true that Mushroom FM's best Celtic Music show--wait, I guess it's Mushroom FM's only Celtic Music show, but never mind that now--always leaves its listeners hungering for more folky favourites even though it's three--count 'em!--three hours long, but this week, there's a bonus! Yes, we have a partially unsolved mystery to deal with in our "What's That About?" feature.

It's Long Song Week this Sunday on Come By The Hills!

Celtic music is filled with songs which are as long or perhaps longer than the best Prog Rock anthems. Alright, so we have no equivalent to Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick, but we do have some pretty lengthy entries. I thought it was high time we showcased some of these amazing songs with an episode dedicated almost entirely to them.

It's Business As Usual This Week on Come By The Hills!

We've had a lot of departures from our normal format lately on Come By The Hills, but never fear. It's business as usual this week. We've got all our usual features, and of course, there's the usual mandate to play the usual three hours of the usual best in usual Celtic music from around the world. (Hmmm... I think I got carried away for a second.)

Be Careful! This week, Come By The Hills Burns! Robby Burns that is!

January 25 is Robby Burns day both in Scotland and among the Scottish diaspora. Indeed, many people have taken this farmer poet to their hearts, and Burns Nights are held all over the world nowadays.

Come By The Hills Comes Your Way Again this Week!

Yes, it's almost that time again already, less than 48 hours until the next installment of Come By The Hills! As usual, we have three hours of the best in Celtic music from around the world. However, this week, I'm pleased to present a listener-suggested Celtic Cover! This was suggested some months back and I think we'll all find it quite fun. Not only is it a parody of a well-known folk song, but it's a parody of a very specific version of said folk song. We'll hear the original along with the parody in the third hour.

We're Recycling This Week on Come By The Hills!

It's back to the usual run of things this week on Come By The Hills, but as ever, there's a twist. I'm actually recycling our very first "What's That About" selection and I'm also recycling a Celtic Cover from an October show that went a little pear-shaped when it originally aired. It's been a busy week around here with lots to do, so if you're interested in seeing what happens on an extremely procrastinatory episode of Come By The Hills, then tune in tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern for three hours of some of the best Celtic music from around the world.

We're Celebrating the "Virtues" of Alcohol this week on Come By The Hills

The new year begins on Sunday, and on Saturday night in many places around the world, people will be dancing, singing, partying, and of course, drinking. So, even though this week's Come by the Hills will be on when most of us are busy recovering from the morning after the night before, I thought it fit to devote an entire episode to Celtic songs about beer, whisky, punch, and any other alcoholic beverage that I can think of.

This week on Come By The Hills, It's a Featureless Christmas Feast!

I know that the word "featureless" makes the show sound dull and drab, but even though we're not having our usual special features, Come By The Hills will be chalk full of Christmas cheer this week. We'll discuss some interesting Christmas traditions and of course salute them musically as well, and we'll have a lovely reading of Dylan Thomas's "A Child's Christmas in Wales," performed of course by the poet himself.

It's a Post-countdown Celtic Extravaganza this Week on Come By The Hills!

Well actually, we'll be doing pretty much what we usually do on the show: presenting three hours of the best in Celtic music from around the world. However, I can tell you with absolute assurance that no donkies will be invading the studio. There may be a spotted cow or two, but no donkies!

We have a Christmas-themed "What's That About?" song in Gaelic, a commical and tangentially-holiday-related "Celtic Covers" segment, and of course just plenty of good Celtic and folk music from many awesome artists and bands.


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