On A Cuppa at the Mosens, have your say on parenting when blind

It’s the most important job anyone can have, and, blind or not, there is no shortage of tips, tricks and opinions on how to do it right.

Recently, we featured a blind parents’ panel discussion on a highly-downloaded episode of The Blind Side Podcast. On that podcast, we promised an episode of A Cuppa at the Mosens, where listeners could phone in and share their experiences of being a blind parent. That episode is this week.

If you’re a blind parent, are there any blindness-specific techniques you’ve adopted to help you fulfil this most important of roles? Have you faced any scepticism on the part of family members, other parents, the general public or the friends of your children? If so, how have you overcome it?

What can blind parents do to avoid unduly shortening our kids’ childhoods by making them take on too much responsibility at an early age due to our blindness?

Do children accrue any advantages as a result of having blind parents?

If you’re not a parent, have you made a conscious choice not to become one specifically because of blindness?

There’s so much to explore on this topic, and we welcome a respectful, diverse mix of viewpoints and perspectives on this week’s live edition of A Cuppa at the Mosens.

We have phone numbers all over the world, and you can make a high-quality web call if you use the Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

To find out more, visit the web page for the show, at http://MushroomFM.com/cuppa. And join Bonnie and Jonathan on Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern time. To check when that is in your time zone, visit the Mushroom FM schedule page.