Don't miss all the great new shows coming to Mushroom FM

Introduction from Jonathan Mosen

In the middle of August 2016, Mushroom FM switched to a format showcasing what in my view are the best four decades for popular music, the 1950s through to the 1980s.

As someone who has been a program director and commercial radio, I know that format changes are risky. Then again, I've learned that most of the truly significant things in life can't be had without risk.

In this case, the adoption of our magic mushroom memories format has been an outstanding success in every respect. We have a strong, stable team that loves the music we play. And we have more listeners, from more countries, who listen longer, taking advantage of our cool web-based request system so they can have a big say in what we play. So thank you for making Mushroom FM such a success. In the seven years we’ve been operating, I can honestly say that as a listener, I’ve never enjoyed listening to the station as much as I enjoy it now.

Encouraged by the positive listener response, I’m delighted to introduce a series of new programs to Mushroom FM. They’re all consistent with our magic mushroom memories format, and if you love the music of our favourite four decades as much as we do, I know you’re going to love these new shows. Settle back, because there is plenty of additional content to tell you about.

The return of only the 80s

I’m absolutely thrilled to let you know that Ann Cosgrove has returned home to Mushroom FM. She is back in her old familiar timeslot, 4 PM Eastern on a Saturday, which equates to 9 PM in the UK. The 1980s is Anne’s favourite decade for music, and she’ll be back playing two hours of great 80s music on Only the 80s. The show is live, so do tune in and give her a warm welcome back this Saturday, by sending her an email or a wee tweet. If you can’t hear it live, hear it again on Thursdays after Matt the Cat at 5 AM Eastern.

And if you're an Airplay Rewind fan, fear not, you can still hear the show on Saturdays, now just two hours later at 6 PM Eastern ahead of the Snowman.

The Richter scale, with Richard Mosen

If you’ve been listening to my shows over the years, you will have heard my son Richard growing up. I must confess to being more than a little delighted when Richard approached me to audition for Mushroom FM. He’s been through the same process all of our fun guys go through before being accepted.

Richard is a major fan of 70s and 80s music with a classic rock influence, such as Queen, David Bowie, Meatloaf, and Bruce Springsteen. In his new show, The Richter Scale, he’ll be bringing you two hours of this music. The show is at 6 PM Eastern on Friday evenings. It’s live and interactive, so you can influence what Richard plays by sending him an email or a tweet. He’ll also tell you about the stories behind some of the songs. There will be plenty of other Richard banter, so it’s a show not to be missed, to get your weekend off to a rocking start. It replays after The Shed at 3 AM Eastern on Sundays.

Greatest hits USA with Chuck Taylor

We have a treat in store for you every Saturday at 11 AM Eastern time, as Chuck Taylor brings you greatest hits USA. The show features music from the 1960s and 1970s, with a lot of great facts about the songs thrown in. The show starts this Saturday, so do give Chuck a listen and I know you will be impressed. He replays after A Cuppa at the Mosens at 11 PM on Thursdays.

Story Untold, with PJ Nose

If you like to go beyond the few gold tracks that you can hear on any other oldies station, then PJ’s new show will be the way you will want to spend your Sunday mornings from this weekend on. It highlights the wonderful group harmony and rock and roll music of the 50's and the early 60's. Story Untold goes well beyond the hits and plays B-sides, LP only cuts and exclusive, unreleased material. Hear him again on Tuesdays at 11 PM.

Return of the Rockumentary

The Mushroom FM rockumentary slot is back, now right after Chuck at 2 PM Eastern on Saturdays, repeated at 1 AM on Mondays after Moon Dreams. And we have a real treat for you.

In 1994, the BBC Updated its iconic documentary, The Story of Pop. Presented by Alan Freeman, the show chronicles in remarkable detail the story of the most popular form of music in history. It is a 52-part series.

Extended Sunday for Tea

We know many people enjoy the dulcet tones of Darren Paskell and his popular Sunday for Tea show. Its length has now been doubled, so you’ll hear it at Noon Eastern, right after PJ Nose and before The Mosen Explosion.

Don’t forget the schedule

Remember, you can always visit our schedule page where in most cases, the time conversions are done for you, so you can see what’s on in your own time zone.

There's still room

As you can see, Mushroom FM is thriving. Remember, we have some of the easiest means of getting up and broadcasting anywhere. Using our voice tracking technology, you can host a show with no expensive software to buy and a minimal time commitment. What's not to like? Learn more on our Join Us page.

Thanks for being a part of the Mushroom crowd. Stick with us, spread the word, and long live the four decades of magic mushroom memories on the mighty Mushroom.