Why Do I Do This?

First, I would like to thank my mother for writing that very nice previous, totally objective blog entry for me. I'd like to think that they have fiber in heaven, and that she's listening in stereo, wherever she is.

No time of life is more poignant than those turbulent teen age years. It's a time when love afairs are blossoming and, worse yet, faltering. School is a worry, or a challenge, and hormones are raging.
Mood and attitude are fluctuating all over the board. And, life seems both full of opportunity and fraught with risk.
It was at times like those when music seemed to play such an intimate role in life, when we related to the songs most closely, and when that favorite artist or rock star was like a constant companion in the mind. Music was a comfort, and place to seek solace. And, it was a place to express utter delight.
For me, that phase of living occurred generally in the interval from 1965 to 1975, which is why pop music of that era is generally my favorite
Plus, it doesn't hurt that it was just generally good stuff.
You have to like 60's and 70's music in order to enjoy my show, which is called SbnowWhiteFM.
But, the show is not just a music machine. You can set up your own playlist yourself if the music is all you are looking for. Instead, the program is somewhat a biographical glimpse into my life, and the way my mind works. I talk a lot about experiences, whose memories are evoked by the music. And, hopefully, such reminiscences will evoke memories for you too.

Life is a rich tapestry of highs and lows, ironies and eye openers, of funny stuff and embarrassing moments. And, I let the music guide my thoughts, and direct my frequent remarks and observations. The model for the program is that of two people, you and me, exploring our inner thoughts, values and experiences as we share the music we love. Plus, there is plenty of commic releafe from the various audio production bits I have produced over the years. It's all aimed squarely at having a good time.
Come join me, and let's do that together, live on Saturday night, 8 PM eastern US time, with replays throughout the week.
Yours truly,
the Snowman