G G G G! It's the Mosen Explosion, LTE Edition

Ooh life is busy at the moment! I mean ooh! But I'd rather be busy, so that's not a complaint. Still, it will be nice to take time out and spend four fun hours with the Mosen Explosion family this week. And what a business we have to go through to make the show possible this week! What a business I tell you!
I am in the process of changing Internet providers, which is a surprisingly easy business now that we have the fibre running to Mosen Towers. I may well have a wee rant about the need for this on the show. But here's the thing. The thing is that we may well lose Internet connectivity during the show, because the change-over is scheduled for Monday AM. Soooooo, I'm thinking ahead, and will be doing the show from my 4G connection, better known as LTE.
You may wonder what LTE stands for, and in my usual informative manner, I will tell you the answer to this much-asked question now. Ahem. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me tell you a tale.
Well, it all dates back to the court of Louis XVI of France. See, The people were getting sick of watching reality TV, because that's all Marie Antoinette wanted on TV, which was run by the King's courtiers then, so screened only what the royal family wanted to see. But the people got so sick of this, that someone went to Marie Antoinette and they said, "Marie! Mate! The people are sick of all this reality TV already!" To which Marie replied, "then let then explode". So special technology was put into the kingdom so the people could hear the Mosen Explosion. It was called LTE, in memory of Marie's famous phrase, "let them explode". So it is only fitting that we'll be using this technology on the show. It is worth noting though that the people hated the Explosion so much, that they chopped the king and queen's heads off.
It's the national finals of RoboCup this week, so we'll be giving you the latest news as Heidi and Nicola join us for a Banana Report.
Bonnie is here with her bulletin, we'll talk about the recent Apple event and the forthcoming iOS 9, and find out if you've ordered a new iThing yet.
We'll go back to this week in history, and bring you plenty of extremely wacky news. Plus there'll even be room for a little music! Who'd have thunk it!
It's the jolly old Mosen Explosion, direct via LTE after Down for Double, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, Monday morning at 6 AM in little old New Zealand.