Gather Round the Hearth this week on Come By The Hills!

It would seem that October has descended upon us, at least here in Southern Ontario Canada, with a rain and a roar. It is chilly and wet out there, so I'm inviting you into my cozy Celtic cabbin for three hours of songs and tales to warm your bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

While we're on the subject of spirits, I should tell you that we'll have a couple of songs about whisky and its consequences as well as a song in our "Celtic Covers" segment about what a human spirit might endure after death. We'll have a story about hospitality from Celtic legend complete with accompanying harp music, and once again, we'll have a Welsh "What's That About?" puzzle for you to try and guess. Also, we'll actually be able to fulfill a couple of listener requests! How exciting!

So, if you're feeling chilled to the bone and are looking for a good place to get in out of the wet on a Sunday night, then at 8:00 PM Eastern (or Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern for the replay,) just Come by the Hills, and I'll put the kettle on!