MoonDreams -- The Best Kept Secret

In an increasingly chaotic, calamitous world, very much in need of a bit of peaceful releaf, There is one very well kept secret place and time, , that not many people know about. It's a quiet, peaceful space, where you can relax, where your thoughts are your own, and where the music doesn't beat your brains out. It's called Moon Dreams, and it airs each Sunday night at 11 PM Eastern time. The show consists of soothing, gently paced, all instrumental music. There is no host to distract you. There are no commercials to tempt you. WE even mercifully withhold the ubiquitous station promos for one gentle, relaxing two hour segment, during which you can stretch, yawn, and eventually, fall gently to sleep. Meditate, make Love, or just simply mellow out, and get ready for the coming week. But, for one blessed 2 hour stretch, you can focus on the here and now, and just be at ease.
Moon Dreams, Sunday nights at 11, on MushroomFM. But, keep it to yourself. It's a secret.