Live Peace, and the Masters Remastered, on Beatle Beat

It won't be long, yeah, until we're back with another Beatle Beat here on Mushroom FM. The show first airs at 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM in the UK, on Monday, and replays throughout the week. Check out our schedule for other broadcast times.

It was a significant event in Beatle history this week in 1969, when John formed a new band, albeit a temporary one, to perform at a rock and roll revival in Toronto. We'll play some of that performance, and explain its significance in terms of the demise of the Beatles.

The second hour is devoted to an anniversary that will still be fresh in the memories of all Beatles fans. 09/09/09 was the long waited day when the most significant catalogue in the history of popular music was remastered. I'll share my memories of how it was that I managed to air tracks from the stereo and mono remasters on an Internet radio show, to an audience that still couldn't buy them yet.

And we'll celebrate this anniversary by going behind the scenes. We'll hear from Beatles producer George Martin about how many of the most ambitious tracks in a production context were recorded. Plus, we'll take you into the Abbey Road studios, talk about the software used to create the Beatles remasters, and let you hear how they fixed up tape blemishes and other imperfections in the original recordings.

You'll not want to miss this feature-packed edition of Beatle Beat, right here on Mushroom FM.