On Today's The Blind Side, a human rights victory in Canada's skies, and news from the UK

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

Today, we're on the air with victory in the air. John Rea was one of the complainants to Canada's Human Rights Commission about Air Canada's in-flight entertainment system, which was inaccessible to blind people. As a result of this complaint, Air Canada will be rolling out an in-flight entertainment system that is fully accessible. John joins Jonathan Mosen to discuss the substance and process of the complaint. John also talks briefly about the wider disability scene in Canada, at a time that promises much positive change in the near future.

A familiar voice returns to Mushroom FM, as Dave Williams joins us in his role as The Blind Side's UK correspondent. He talks about discrimination on a cruise ship, and ways to make sure you're getting the best deal in the UK when travelling by train.

We'll also have a few items of news.

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