Today on the Blind Side, Aussie Census, Kiwi online grocery shopping, and lots of tech news

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

Today, we spend a bit of time in the southern hemisphere. On 9 August, Australia is conducting their census, held every five years. How can blind people participate in the process fully and accessibly? Jonathan Mosen speaks with Rikki Chaplin of Blind Citizens Australia who talks about the work the Australian Bureau of Statistics has done to ensure that blind Australians count.

In New Zealand in 1996, what was then a bold, and it turns out far-sighted initiative began as a trial. A supermarket chain then known as Woolworths, now called Countdown, had the idea of selling groceries online. Having remained largely accessible since it's launch, it has been a valuable service for blind New Zealanders who are online. Jonathan speaks with Sally Copland, recently appointed manager of the Countdown Online Shopping service. We talk about how technology and behaviour has changed in 20 years, and the degree to which the company is aware of its blind users.

there's been a lot happening in the tech world, with news and rumours from Apple, Google and more. Jonathan gives you a summary of some of the more interesting tech news stories of the week.

Wednesday is the day that we're in touch with our Canadian correspondent, Michelle McQuigge, who tells us about two transportation-related stories, one positive, one not.

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