You Asked, we listened. A replay of The Blind Side at a UK-friendly time

The Blind Side, our current affairs show from a blindness perspective, airs every week day at 7 Pm Eastern time. There's a lot of excitement about finally having a daily show where our issues can be discussed and debated in a timely manner.

That excitement was slightly diminished for some of our UK audience, who wrote in after the announcement to say that they wanted to hear the show, but wouldn't be able to because of the time it was airing.

As mentioned on The Blind Side's web page, we'll be making a lot of material available as a podcast, but we're also pleased to say that The Blind Side will now replay at a time that's great for our friends in the UK and Europe. And if you are in North America and have us on in the background at the office, it could be a good time for you too.

Each edition of The Blind Side will replay the following day at 10 AM Eastern time, which is a much more friendly 3 PM in the UK.

If you're in neither North America nor the UK, remember that by default, the Mushroom FM schedule page will show when shows are on in your time zone, making it easy for you to know what's on when where you are.

Thanks for the feedback, and we're glad to have been able to accommodate this request.