Announcing the departure of Brian Hartgen

Hi everyone, it's with sadness but grateful thanks for his immense contribution that I advise the Mushroom FM family that Brian Hartgen has resigned from Mushroom Fm to pursue other projects. This is a totally amicable parting and we wish him all the best for the future.

Gordon Luke and I have very much enjoyed working with Brian over the last eleven months or so. Brian has contributed much to the station, both on-air and off. He has done considerable work behind the scenes that listeners never know about, but which have kept the cogs of our machinery churning week after week. He tells us he'll still be tuning in to some of our programming. We welcome and look forward to that.

While we'll of course miss having Brian around, Mushroom FM is in incredibly good shape. Gordon and I, who have worked together on Mushroom FM's management for the majority of its existence, look forward to continuing the mushroom magic, aided by some talented and committed people who are brilliant at, and passionate about, what they do.

With the Mushroom Pot now successfully implemented, we'll have more to say shortly about its ongoing development, and how easy it is for you to come on this side of the mic with almost no financial investment and a small commitment of time.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a great ride. We thank Brian once again for all he has given to our project and wish him every success in future.