The Mosen Explosion in interesting times

When the Mosen Explosion goes to air this week, it'll be the 26th in our official time zone of US Eastern. But in little old New Zealand, it will be bright and early on the 27th. And by an incredible co-incidence, the 27th of June is the wedding anniversary of two regular contributors to the show. Remarkable how these things happen, eh? Bonnie is celebrating a wedding anniversary, which no doubt she will talk about in her Bonnie bulletin, and so too am I. How cool is that?

We've been away this weekend having completed an amazing eleven-hour trans-scenic rail journey complete with amazing audio description, plus living it up in an apartment in Auckland for the weekend. No doubt we'll have plenty to say about that, and the music you hear on the show will probably be influenced by the prevailing mood around Mosen Towers. So plenty of love songs and perhaps a few songs about trains.

While on the train, the votes were counted and Britain voted to leave the European Union, an absolutely enthralling day for those of us who follow global politics closely. We'll have a few songs about staying and leaving to mark the occasion, and we'll talk about one of the biggest shake-ups to the western world in a very long time. If you're in the UK, how are you feeling about it all a few days on? We look forward to your views.

In history, we learn about a ubiquitous mode of transport that was patented on this day, I'll tell you who the first US president was to marry while in office, and there are many great musical birthdays to celebrate.

Wacky news is in the mix as well, and it's got chickens in it again. Yea!

I hope you'll join me, right after Dean's Sunday Sofa Session, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, only on the jolly old bouncy Mushroom FM.