It's a Seasonal Mosen Explosion this week

Here in New Zealand, the nights they are cold. Many of our days are wet and windy. Yup, it's winter. On the other side of the world, Brian D is getting ready to hold his annual summer party! What a lucky dude. It helps him get over the football you see. And it was on 19 June 1936 that Tommy DeVito of The Four Seasons was born. Oh what a night!

So all the stars are in alignment for a seasonal Mosen Explosion. We'll have plenty of great Four Seasons tunes, as well as songs about all five seasons. Five? Five you cry? Well autumn has two names you see. So we've got summer, winter, spring, autumn and fall.
Feel free to request any Four Seasons or seasonal song via email, the old Mosen Line at 701-801-3263, or via the #MushroomFM Twitter hashtag.

I don't know about you, but the world seems particularly insane in a tragic kind of way right now. Still, amid all the horrible news, there are still some comparatively light-hearted wacky things going on, and we'll bring you a selection in our wacky news segment.
We'll get a bit of tech talk in the mix, here Bonnie's bulletin, and look back at this day in history. But best of all, we love just hearing from you about any old soup.

The show is only replayed once now, so the best time to listen is live live live! All you need is live you see. The Beatles said that I think.
And we're right after Dean's Sofa Session, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 Pm UK, only on the marvellous Mushroom FM.