The Mosen Explosion says, don't stop thinking about tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, doo doo doo, da doo, da deeeeee. And when the Mosen Explosion is on, tomorrow will indeed be only a day away with all its excitement and promise.

Apple will be revealing plenty of exciting new features on all its platforms, and we'll be covering that extensively with our awesome Tech Team show. Are you looking forward to the big reveal? What are you hoping for? We'll look forward to all your thoughts ahead of the big day.

And then...and then, we begin an exciting new era for Mushroom FM, hundreds of hours and some months in the planning, with less repetition
and more fresh shows so you can listen to us for longer. I'll be telling you about some of the new shows you can hear, including my new shows every week night, which I'm really excited about.

Now all this change means that the Mosen Explosion only gets one, count em, one replay, so I hope you'll make a real effort to join me live, because that's so much fun. I mean, let's face it, yelling at me via email, Twitter or telephone is so much more constructive than just yelling at your device, right? We're now replayed on Tuesday mornings at 5 Am Eastern time, a great time for those who genuinely can't hear the show because it's the middle of the night when we're live. Groovy!

We've got some crazy wacky news in the mix this week, as we learn about a very spicy seagull, a deer who's made a woman a prisoner, and a debate about the constitutionality of vegetable gardens.

Bonnie's here with her bulletin too, and we'll open up the history books.
I hope there'll be sufficient music and entertainment to help you pass the time as we eagerly await tomorrow, tomorrow...

I'd be totally thrilled, stoked, delighted and jazzed if you'd join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, for the Mosen Explosion, only on the always innovating, ever expanding Mushroom FM.