Announcing @MushroomFMNow, real-time tweetsa bout what we're playing

As we blogged earlier this week, Mushroom FM is preparing to begin a new era with more fresh content so you can listen longer. That also means that we’re able to stream a lot more information through the title bar of your media player, and the Now Playing screen in many smartphone apps. TuneIn Radio will also show you what’s on more often, even before you start listening.

Since late last year, we’ve offered our popular Previously Played feature. When you listen to one of the fun guys and hear a song that grabs you, it’s not always convenient to check the title bar or now playing screen to find out the name of the song. Yet it gets stuck in your head. The Previously Played pages allow you to look back at what we played when. Recently played tracks also show up on our home page.

To mark our new format, Mushroom FM is introducing another easy way to see what we’ve played. It’s a new Twitter account, @MushroomFMNow, dedicated to doing nothing other than tweeting what we’re playing.

We don’t expect that many people will follow the account, since it could fill up your timeline pretty quickly. But you may like to bring up the @MushroomFMNow timeline when you’re tuned in, so you have an easy way of knowing what’s being played.

All tweets from @MushroomFMNow are tagged with the #NowPlaying hashtag.

Please note that we’re unable to tweet the names of tracks that play in replayed or pre-recorded shows. However the service will be functional for the majority of the time once our new format begins at 6 PM Eastern on Monday.

We hope you enjoy @MushroomFMNow as you listen longer. And if you really like a particular song, do feel free to give us a retweet, we love those.