The Mosen Explosion, right in the middle of banana birthday month

Another Mosen Explosion time has nearly rolled around again. "Hip hurray! Hip hurray! We're back on Mushroom FM...Hip hip hip hurray!" Oh wait, I can't do that, it's being done elsewhere i tell you.
Anyway, the thing is, the thing is you see that it's a busy old month at Mosen Towers because three out of the four bananas have birthdays in May. Sometimes, I wonder what could have possibly caused that, but the doctor told me that if I think about that too much, I'd go blind.
So we have some banana-birthday related activity to report on the show this week.
What would you do if the Government just randomly decided one day that you were dead, even though you were very much alive? And which famous tennis player has been chomping down on dog food? How old was the world's oldest living cat? All this and so much more will be answered in this week's wacky news.
Bonnie will be here with her bulletin as we busily tap into travel sites and apps to book our trip to the US later in the year.
There'll be plenty of the best music ever made, plus I look forward to your contributions via email, Skype and that ... Tweetter thing.
I am here right after the very much alive Brian Hartgen, at 2 PM in the Eastern, 7 PM in the Kingdom of U, 6 Am in the Zealand of New, only on the home of the funny fungal fun guys, Mushroom FM. Hip hurray!