Another Brain-breaking Mosen Explosion is Imminent

Holy soup! That week went by quickly, and once again I am much anticipating the four fun hours I get to spend in your company, as the Mosen Explosion takes to the mighty Mushroom's virtual airwaves.

We've got a great mix of wacky news stories this week, including two from Maine, which isn't a state we hear from that often.

Plus, I have a little test for you. This week, I was alerted to a brand new album from an artist I liked a lot while I was growing up. This album though is so different from what this artist is famous for, that I wonder if anyone, without using naughty technology like Shazam, which is strictly banned for this exercise, will be able to guess who is singing this stuff? Tune in, and see if you can pick the voice. This album quite broke my brain when I heard it. Oh yes it did.

Bonnie is here with her post-Derby bulletin, which could I think be quite a rant. We'll look back at this day in history, and as always, the show will be steered in directions no one can yet predict, thanks to all your emails, tweets and calls to the shiny new Mosen Line. Just a wee reminder, that shiny new number is 701-801-3263. Just repeating that, 701-801-3263. Phone now, but don't send any money! Oh, wait, if you insist on sending money, you just go right ahead. I take PayPal.
And join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, 6 AM in New Zealand, for another brain-breaking Mosen Explosion on the marvellous Mushroom FM.