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How much does Bonnie Mosen love being in touch with you, her loyal, eager and devoted listeners, every week? Well the answer is, a lot. A huge enormous voluminous lot. Except she loves the Kentucky derby much more. I know that will break your heart, but it's true.

When we switched her show to the prime time slot of Saturday nights, the first thing she said to me was, "well husband," for her husband is what I am, "I won't be doing the show on the first Saturday in May, that I can tell you". And I said, "what's with the that I can tell you thing? It makes you sound like Donald Trump!" At which point, she unceremoniously deported me from the room.

So I'm sorry to say that this week, you're stuck with me, her incredibly fortunate and thankful husband, and loyal understudy.
And on JonAir this week, it's a show just like mamma used to make. Even though the show airs on Saturday in our official time zone, here in New Zealand it will be Sunday. But it's not just any old Sunday. Oh no it's not! It's Mother's Day you see. So I've decided to pay tribute to my Mum, without whom this show wouldn't be possible, and of course my very existence wouldn't have been possible, by playing two hours of songs that I know she'll love.
We'll have plenty of country, softer sounds, maybe a gospel tune or two. So it's very much easy listening. And no doubt Bonnie will put in an appearance and tell us who won the Derby.

It's all on JonAir, right after the tremendous wee Anne, at 6 Pm Eastern, 11 PM UK, 10 Am in New Zealand, on the marvellous Mushroom FM.