Catchy Classics Combine in this week's Pop Vault!

Hi Everyone. This is Darren, writing amidst a mammoth clear-up operation which is well underway on board the decommissioned Mushroom Flyer. Speaking as one who makes a living from the catering industry, I have seldom observed such signs as these which point toward a party having happened of legendary proportions. Even as your Saloon car hosts continue making the whole train spick and span for its worthy rest, we were thrilled to have been a part of such an incredibly memorable birthday bash and I can truly say that it was an honour and an absolute joy to have had the pleasure of serving you throughout the weekend.

With so much winding down activity still in progress, it seemed fitting to play a few catchy classics to assist us with our cleaning efforts, so that's exactly what you'll hear in this week's Pop Vault today from 12 PM Eastern, 5 PM UK, only at

As ever, there's nothing like friendly conversation to help relieve post partying blues, so do write in to, or tweet @dazareth with the #MushroomFM Hashtag.

See you this afternoon.

Darren Paskell