Mosen and the Snowman, Together again for the first time

What can we possibly do when Brian Dalton is doing other things in Dublin town, and can't welcome us to the weekend, eh? How are we supposed to carry on?

Well, the Snowman and I have been doing this radio gig, on and off the Internet, for a long time now, and we've always talked about getting on the air together and seeing what happens. Now, your luck has run out, because we're gonna do it. We're really, really, gonna do it.

It's spring in sunny Iowa, where some of the best USDA-certified steak is mooing and the corn is being corny. It's autumn in New Zealand, where the beef is grass-fed and better for you, and Mosen's jokes are corny.

Snowman is Fahrenheit, Mosen is Celsius. Snowman only has 110 volts, but Mosen has 220. Snowman has 10 kHz spacing on his AM dial, Mosen only has 9. Snowman leaves out the letter U in words like "colour", "favourite" and "honour", Mosen spells it properly. Snowman is sorta right of the spectrum, Mosen's a lefty. What can possibly go right about this show other than that both can talk and play tunes?

It'll be even groovier if you're a part of this scary partnership, so we'd love for you to drop by at 2 PM Eastern, 6 PM UK on Good Friday for Mosen and the Snowman. There's only one station crazy enough to broadcast this soup, the home of the fun guys at