2 PM Eastern, 6 PM UK, The Mosen Explosion makes way for a special tribute to Sir George Martin

The Mosen Explosion is taking a break this week, as I bring you a four-hour tribute to Sir George Martin. It's part of a series of programmes we're running this week to celebrate and commemorate the life of this outstanding producer, arranger, composer and musician.

If you weren't able to catch the first airing of Brian Hartgen's programme where he showcased the work of Sir George outside the Beatles, then I encourage you to head to http://MushroomFM.com/schedule to find out when it replays at a time that works for you.

Sir George Martin was one of my heroes. Since his death was announced, I've been carefully looking through my extensive collection of Beatles music and interviews to build for you a profile of Sir George in his own words. We'll begin with a look at his work before the Beatles, but we'll spend the majority of the time looking at Sir George's contribution to the Beatles' game-changing body of work. Listen to Sir George as he describes some of the tricks he had to employ, with basic analogue technology, to give us the world's best popular music.

There'll be some rare interviews and a few rare songs, but also plenty of the songs we all know and in which he played a critical part.
The show is carefully structured, so there is less room for on-air acknowledgement of your contributions than usual and I won't be taking requests, but I'll be using the Mushroom FM hashtag on Twitter and I'd love to tweet along with you and share your memories.

It's a very special four hours that has taken dozens of hours to produce, and I hope you'll join me. The Sir George Martin tribute begins at 2 PM Eastern, and note that because of the US time change, that will be earlier in some parts of the world. 6 PM UK, 7 AM in New Zealand, right after the time capsule on http://MushroomFM.com.