The Mosen Explosion. Not on TV, or even on Netflix

Hello cherubs! What a week it's been since we last exploded together! What a week! Super Tuesday, Super Saturday, Bonnie and I celebrated the fourth anniversary of our first long conversation when she co-hosted this very show, and and and...House of Cards Season 4! OMG and mega squeeness abounds! Ooooh that Frank Underwood is a nasty piece of work isn't he? I watch the whole 13 episodes of season four back to back I did. Now my sleeping patterns are all exploded.

This weekend, I'd like to hear about your favourite TV shows, maybe from the olden days when we couldn't binge watch, and had to wait for each new episode to come along every week. Ah, the tension the tension.

There's plenty of wacky news in the mix, my darling Bonnie is here with her bulletin, and there'll be heaps of room for your interaction via Twitter, email and the listener line, which keeps things interesting.

I hope to see you at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK. Don't worry, that Netflix show will keep for when the explosion is over.