Expanding The Personality Count

The Snowman Radio (SnowWhiteFM) is a three hour show, which airs Saturday nights starting at 8 PM Eastern. During the middle hour, I have invited a long time friend to join me for the broadcast. And sometimes, we are even joined by a third guy. We are all old radio people, with stories about our times in the broadcast industry. So, there is plenty of talk during my second hour, and we usually break it up with a few tracks from 60's pop music, the stuff we remember. We're hoping that the candid conversation, and spontaneous interplay wil be entertaining for you. And, your comments would be welcome, by sending an e-mail to

So, the general plan of the show is:
First Hour - Snowman solo chatting and music, weather, history, and other miscellaneous Snowman Waffling.
Second Hour: Steve And The Snowman, even more chatty, featuring trivia questions, and the news you can't use.
third Hour: Lots of nice, back to back music.

So, do come and join us, Saturday nights, 8PM eastern time.