It's Super Sunday, on The Mosen Explosion, and I approved this message.

Well we're not quite at Super Tuesday yet, which those of us following the US Presidential election are awaiting with considerable antici.............pation, but it's super Sunday on Mushroom FM, because every Sunday is super on Mushroom Fm when you're a part of it.
I find it fascinating that wacky news seems often to come from the same part of the world all at once. This week, we have two quite different stories, from the same little town on Ohio. I mean, like, what is up with that? And it's the second week in a row the wacky news has been quite Ohio-filled. Can we proclaim Ohio to be the wackiest state in the whole USA?
There's a Bonnie Bulletin, a look back at this week in history, and I have a few things to talk about that I hope will get you talking back, via email, Twitter and the Mosen Line.
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