I'm Jonathan Mosen, and I approved this Explosion

After an enthralling day of US Presidential election watching, I'm back for four more hours of fun, frivolity and forgettable presentation with another Mosen Explosion.
Anything goes this week, but you can look forward to some particularly crazy wacky news, much of it from Florida and Ohio for some reason, and no, none of it has to do with the election.
We have a banana report this week, as there are several bananas experiencing some major life milestones.
Bonnie's here with her bulletin, and I hope you too will be in touch with your phone calls, tweets and emails.
It's the get-together many of us look forward to every week, and new listeners are always welcome. We'll even explode you to celebrate you tuning in for the first time.
Do join me, after Down for Double at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, only on the mighty http://MushroomFm.com