Monday's Mosen Explosion remembers someone very special

This Monday’s Mosen Explosion pays tribute to someone special.

In the early hours of 14 April, my Mum, Pauline Mosen, died. In a Mushroom Fm context, she was also mother-in-law to Bonnie, Nanna of Anthony, and a loyal, devoted, supportive Mushroom Fm listener. Those of you who were interacting with Mushroom Fm on Twitter a few years ago may well have chatted with her.

At her request, we kept her death confidential until a private family service could be held for her, which it was yesterday. Now that it has, I would like to share with you some music Mum loved, and a few precious memories.

If I or Anthony were playing some rocky music and she was listening, she would often get in touch to ask that we, in her words, “play something nice”. So, it’ll all be nice music for Mum on Monday’s Mosen Explosion, which you can hear at 2 AM Eastern time, and once again at 2 PM Eastern time. Here in New Zealand, that’s 6 PM on Monday, repeated at 6 AM on Tuesday.

I’ll be hosting the show with a very heavy heart, yet a heart full of gratitude, as I remember this remarkable woman.

That’s coming up on the Mosen Explosion here on Mushroom FM.