On the Mosen Explosion, love is in the air, and on the air

This week, for valentine's day, we celebrate with the music of love. In those early stages of love, where you suddenly notice that the birds are singing, where the flowers seem to have become more fragrant, when you lose your appetite, music can be incredibly powerful. There's that song that just connects right with your heart in a way that leaves you in no doubt that its composer must have been thinking of your situation when it was written.

There are songs of love that isn't shared, where the person of your dreams doesn't know you exist.

There are songs that remind you of when you were dating. You only need to hear them and they transport you back to that place, that time, and those feelings, whether it was six months ago or 60 years ago.

And if you're fortunate enough to share life's ups and downs together, put up with each other's annoying little household habits, and patiently listen to each other's stories for a millionth time, there are songs that speak to you of all the miles you've travelled together.

There are songs, at this time of year especially, that make us feel sad and wistful if someone we love is no longer around, songs that make us realise that all life, all situations, will eventually pass, and that we should make sure, if we are fortunate enough to have someone in our life that we adore, to tell them so every day.

So whether you are fortunate enough to snuggle up close with that special person in your life, or whether the person of your dreams is far away, I hope you'll join me to celebrate love on the Mosen Explosion. Chocolate and flowers are optional.

I've got four hours of wonderful love songs picked out, but the playlist can easily be modified to include your favourite love song. You get extra special priority if you accompany it with a dedication, a few words about why the song is special to you and your loved one. Our media is full of politics, suffering, war and bad news stories. For just four hours, let's fill it with love.

If you're better at writing this sort of thing down so you can collect your thoughts, drop me an email to Jonathan at MushroomFM dot com.

If you'd like to record a voice clip with your dedication, use any recorder you have around and attach the recording to an email message sent to that same address, Jonathan at MushroomFM dot com.

Finally, we have our Mosen Line in the US, so you can phone your contribution into us at any time. It's a VoiceMail service, so just leave a message. If you get a bit tongue tied and need to record several times, that's totally fine, I'll always use the most recent message. That number is 206-600-5486.

Whether you contribute or just want some great music to enjoy, I hope to have the privilege of your company for love songs on Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK.