It's time for a change and a change of the time

It's that time of year again when humans insist on messing with the fundamental forces of time.

Mushroom FM uses North American Eastern Time as its official time zone, and the clocks in that time zone are springing forward early tomorrow morning.

If you're in North America and daylight saving is observed where you are, then you can tune in at the usual time for your fave fun guy shows. If, however, you are anywhere else in the world and your clocks are not changing this weekend, then Mushroom FM shows will begin one hour earlier for you.

For listeners in Britain and Europe, the earlier start time will remain until the end of the month, when your own clocks go forward and the normal difference between the US and your time zone is restored.

If you are in the southern hemisphere and your clocks are going to revert to standard time in a few weeks, at that point shows will start two hours earlier than they do today.

It's not our fault, honest.

Remember, you can always check our schedule page where the schedule is displayed in your current time zone.

Thanks for listening and for your encouragement.