This week, the Mosen Explosion is back from hiatus

The time has finally come when the Mosen Explosion is back from hiatus. First, I’ve had a phenomenal response to the replays of the COVID lockdown shows that we’ve been running while the Mosen Explosion was taking a summer break. I don’t normally listen to my own soup, since I had to put up with listening to it when I did it, but like many people I did take a listen to some of the shows and it was great to be reminded of how the show brought us together during an unsettling and uncertain time. I’m so glad that so many enjoyed hearing them again. We still have more, and I may run some more lockdown shows during next year’s summer break.

But at 2 AM and 2 Pm Eastern time every week day, I’m back from hiatus with more fresh content. I must say, hiatus was very nice. There are plenty of lovely beaches, luxury accommodation and super-fast bandwidth. So I recommend hiatus for your next holiday destination.

This is now my 26th year of this Internet radio malarkey, and if you’ve not heard the Mosen Explosion before, you’re very welcome. It’s a friendly show where we flex your brain with a brain exploder poser question, we play some requests, hear some interesting items of news on the lighter side, and of course I have a massive library of amazing songs to play for you.

I look forward very much to being back with you, and hope you’ll join me. Remember, you can check the Mushroom FM schedule page to find out when the Mosen Explosion is on where you are.