Changes to our Saturday line-up starting this weekend

Saturdays are a day when many of us have a bit more time for the radio. And as the new year settles in, we have some new programming to bring you on Saturdays. So let’s take it from the top and tell you what’s new and changed.

The New Zealand Retro Weekly Top 40 Countdown
The New Zealand Retro Weekly Top 40 Countdown is a weekly trip back in time to New Zealand in the 1970s, 1980s & Early 1990s. We’re delighted to welcome Rob Walker to Mushroom FM. He’ll host the show which is a countdown of the top 40 songs as they were on the official New Zealand singles charts for the corresponding weekend. It also includes a look at some tracks off some great albums that were on the official New Zealand album charts for that same year and weekend.

It’s 3 hours of reminiscing and is packed with audio from the artists, as well as a look at New Zealand news & events of that weekend, and because it's our countdown, it of course features some great New Zealand music.

Rob’s first countdown on Mushroom FM takes us back to this week in 1986. You can hear the show on Saturdays at 2 AM Eastern time. That’s a great time for kiwis, since it equates to 8 PM on Saturday night. Check our schedule page to find out when it’s on in your time zone.

Sunday for Tea Replay
Stay tuned, because you can now hear the replay of Darren Paskell’s Sunday for Tea right after Rob at 5 AM Eastern.

We will have a new replay slot for the Groove Line in a few weeks, but in the meantime it still airs at 6 PM Eastern on Wednesdays.

New time for Snow White FM
Just as it once did in days of yore, Snow White FM will now follow the Early Years. This means that Snow White FM now starts at 7 PM Eastern and at the Snowman’s request will now be a two-hour show. It’s still live and a great way to spend a North American Saturday night. It replays at the usual time of 5 AM Eastern on Sundays.

More of Dan Sweeney
We know how much people enjoy Dan’s One Hit Wonders show, not just for the songs we may have forgotten about, but also the stories behind the songs and the artists. So Dan now gets a second hour.

One Hit Wonders can now be heard right after the Snowman at 9 PM Eastern on Saturdays.

At 10 PM, Dan brings us an hour of North American number one hits, with some great music and the stories behind that music.

Dan’s Number Ones show replays on Sundays at 7 AM Eastern, after Snow White FM.

Remember, you can always check our schedule page for a reminder of what’s on when, and it’s displayed automatically in your time zone.

Thanks for making Mushroom Fm a part of your radio listening, we know there is a dazzling amount of choice out there and we appreciate it. We hope you enjoy these changes.