Send your loved one a Mosen Explosion Valentine

It just so happens that the next Mosen Explosion will be aired on Valentine's day. We'll be dispensing with the wacky news and the history to bring you four hours of fantastic love songs, and I'd love it if you were involved in choosing what we play.

Whether the person that haunts your dreams has been with you for 6 months or 60 years, whether they're by your side or far away, love is something to celebrate and cherish.

If you have a special song you'd like to dedicate to that special person, or you'd like to just celebrate the one you love and have me choose a song, then I'd be pleased to have you get in touch.

I'd love to hear your dedication and any special stories you want to tell in your own voice. There are two ways you can do that. Send me an audio file to jonathan at mushroomfm dot com. You can record it on your computer, on a portable recorder, or on an App such as Notes on your iPhone and send it along. We can play pretty much any format.

If you like, you can also call the Mosen Line and leave your message there. That number, in the United States, is 206-600-5486. If you find you got a bit nervous and had to make multiple attempts at leaving a message, that's no problem, I'll use the last one you left.

This will be a very special show if we get contributions from people like you, so I look forward very much to hearing from you. This old world can get a bit cynical at times, but love sees us through a lot. Let's celebrate love, and those in our lives who are with us through thick and thin.