As Jonathan fills in for Melissa, the song remembers when, and the story does too

It’s Jonathan Mosen, taking on the daunting task of filling in for the venerable melissa Riccobono this week on the Song Remembers When.

Every week, Melissa plays songs that remind us of pivotal moments, people and places in our lives. This week, I’m stretching the theme just a bit. One of my fondest memories as a child is the cherished New Zealand radio tradition of the Sunday morning children’s request show. Kids all over the country would switch on their transistor radios and curl up in bed on a Sunday morning. Sometimes, they’d be waiting eagerly to see if the song or story they requested would be played. Some parents would be glad their little darlings were occupied for a while, although often, the whole family would listen and enjoy.

On this week’s show, I’ll play you some of the children’s songs and great old stories that we used to hear on those kids’ request sessions. I hope you enjoy the songs and stories as much as I do.

The Song Remembers When first airs on Sunday at 4 PM Eastern, and it will repeat on Thursday at 5 AM Eastern. Check the Mushroom Fm schedule to find out when it happens in your time zone. But remember, you can only listen if you’ve been good this week.