At 2 AM and PM Eastern, join Jonathan Mosen for a tribute to Tina Turner

On Thursday at 2 AM Eastern and repeated again at 2 Pm Eastern, join me for a tribute to Tina Turner, who has died aged 83. Her influence is immense. She paved the way for women in rock and roll. She overcame adversity and abuse to blossom as a solo artist. Most of all, she contributed to the soundtrack of our lives.

Learn about her humble beginnings and the upheaval in her early life, how she met Ike, how she got the name Tina Turner, the perception that she had become a nostalgia act after the couple divorced, and her incredible ascendancy as a solo artist in the 1980s.

You can be assured of some fantastic music. So do join me, and tell your friends. Our tribute to Tina Turner is coming up at 2 AM and PM Eastern. You can check the Mushroom Fm schedule page to find out exactly when that is in your time zone.