Songs Featuring Kings and Queens, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Hello! Sara Hillis here once again to tell you about this week's episode of Come by the Hills, Mushroom FM's Folk and Celtic music show. We are witnessing a moment in history with the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III. I wanted to do at least a little something to pay tribute to this moment, and whether you're a royalist or not, I think you'll enjoy the selection of songs about kings and queens of all kinds that I have for you this time around. I'll also be reflecting on what the Queen's presence in the world has meant to me over the years, for it has meant something. She, in her person, has been a role-model for me. Even last year, when she was offered the chance not to observe Covid restrictions for her husband's funeral, she refused. She believed in duty, service and sacrifice. I know that can be hard to see given the lifestyle that the royals lead, but for a woman who was never supposed to be Queen, I think she has more than earned her position. Will the new King do the same? Only time will tell.

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