We're with U, our radiothon for Ukraine, available on-demand from the Mushroom FM website

On 16 April, the online blind community raised over 85,000 USD as we united for blind people in Ukraine, and those who have become refugees because of Russia's invasion.

We broadcast a concert for over 11 hours, in which we heard performances from more than 110 blind musicians and a few allies.

Listeners were in awe of the talent so generously donated by the performers. Many have asked if there might be an album. We would love to see this happen so we can raise even more money, please watch this space.

Meanwhile, we appreciate that the concert was long, and that for some, a lot of it happened at night time. We are therefore making it available on-demand. At present, we offer basic navigation so you can move through the show by a few minutes at a time, and we hope to improve this further in the coming days.

We ask that you please donate to the World Blind Union's Ukrainian Unity Fund if you have not done so already. The need is urgent, and considerable.

You can listen on-demand at http://MushroomFM.com/BlindWithU