It's rare, it's live, it's a live, rare Mosen Explosion on Thursday

Remember those weekends long ago, where there would be a live Mosen Explosion?

Well, my schedule doesn't allow for that very much, but I will be on the air live on Thursday between 1 and 3 Pm Eastern, 6 and 8 PM UK. Thanks to Sara for letting me borrow an hour of her replay slot.

As you know, we have the We're with U concert for Ukraine this weekend. That involves some complex technology, and because I have used and developed a lot of technology, I don't trust it to work. So, I thought I would do a live show for a couple of hours and just ensure all the things do what the things should.

I'll be on the Twitter and email, so you're welcome to say hi and even make a request.
See you at 1 Pm Eastern for a live Mosen Explosion.